Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE)

You know the feeling…you’re flying your brand new airplane when a wind gust grabs your expensive new airplane at the very last second…when you’re trying to land.  Suddenly your pristine new (expensive) airplane is going to crash.  There is NOTHING you can do about it…



AS3X is a 3 gyro system that allows your aircraft to have external forces such as wind and gravity affect the aircraft less.

On a windy day when you are trying to land your airplane and a gust of wind hits your plane in the last few feet of decent … the gust that USED to get you every time is handled perfectly by AS3X

Firebird Delta Ray with SAFE technology

AS3X functioning counteracts that wind gust very nearly instantly and helps keep your plane pointed where you want it to go.

Safe systems that include AS3X are designed with a multi-level flight ability:

  • beginner level for beginner pilots only allowing them to do basic maneuvers.
  • intermediate level for experienced pilots that still need a little help.
  • expert level for full aircraft capabilities.