Expert Sales


ExcellHobby.com was established in 2014 as an expression of the years of hands on experience and expertise of the whole team.  Located in the same building as FixPowerSports.com. the team is here to service and support your Yamaha products and every other line of amazing grown up and kids power toys. Now you can get started, or extend your new Hobby too!  The shop is located in Byron, Minnesota on the west frontage road.

Excell Hobby  and  Fix Power Sports
1097 Frontage Road NW
Byron, MN 55920-1386

Phone: (507) 775-7242

Stop by and pick up your new R/C Airplane, R/C Truck, or one of the bigger Yamaha products! If the R/C variety is just too small to excite you, the bigger Motorcycle, Snowmobile, ATV and accessories are available from this same expert team!


Expert Service


What good is a hobby unless you have the expertise to keep the cool R/C Airplanes, R/C Trucks and your other power toys running? Excell Hobby has the tools, expertise and experience to Fix it, to keep your hobby investment working for you!

If you buy something online, do they provide the tools, expertise and experience to help you grow into your new hobby?  Without the support and service provided by your local Excell Hobby Shop, your investment is totally at risk.  When you experience your first crash, you need someone who knows how to help!  Keep your hobby investment working for you with Excell Hobby!


Flying Expertise

Recently at the WattsFlyIn.com Chris did some excellent flying along with hundreds of other pilots who love investing in themselves and their R/C Hobby.

Chris Watts Flying at WattsFlyInChris_Flying_12Chris_Flying_06Chris_Flying_04Chris_Flying_01