What Marty Doesn’t Want

It isn’t every day that Marty can go out and really enjoy playing.  He discovered when he goes out with his friends to race that many of them spend most of their time fixing and adjusting their gear.

Marty Knows

Marty knows what he doesn’t want.  Marty doesn’t want his gear to break when he finally gets time to use it.

Marty’s time is precious.

It is never fun spending his play time trying to adjust or fix broken gear.  Most people Marty sees out on the track or at the airfield spend a lot of their time fixing things.

Wasting time fixing things makes no sense to Marty.

Who wants to waste most of their play time frustrated with broken equipment?  Not me.

Not Marty.

Marty appreciates what Chris recommends.  Marty is confident that his investment in gear saves him dozens of wasted hours every month.  Marty knows this investment of a few extra dollars always helps him enjoy his play time more.

Marty tells his friends about Chris all the time!  Marty knows that Jim will be so much happier when he does what Chris Recommends.

How about you?  Have you met Chris and asked what Chris Recommends?

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You know you need better gear.  Chris and Marty already know you will enjoy your play time so much more when your equipment isn’t broken.

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Jim and You want what Chris Recommends.

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