TRAXXAS 2280 High-Torque 600 Brushless Digital Servo NEW!

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High-Torque 600 Brushless Digital Servo
The Traxxas High-Torque 600 brushless servo is the ultimate steering upgrade for your 1/10 or 1/8 scale vehicle. With nearly 600 oz-in of torque at 6 volts and a staggering 700+ oz-in or torque at 7.4 volts, the High-Torque 600 has ample power to turn even the heaviest trucks with authority. The High-Torque 600 includes a long list of high-performance features including full steel gears, ball bearings, and a finned aluminum case for added heat dissipation.




The Power to Perform
The High-Torque 600 servo is fully waterproof, not just “water resistant” and drops into most 1/10 and 1/8 scale Traxxas vehicles. With almost 5 times the power of a standard 2075 servo, the High-Torque600 delivers maximum steering authority and speed for high-demand vehicles like Sledge®, Raptor R, Revo®, and lifted TRX-4® models with 2.2″ wheels and tires. With a quick transit time of 0.13 sec/60° at 6.0 volts, the High-Torque 600 works great with TSM® equipped vehicles to produce fast, responsive handling.


For TRX-4 Installation


BEC (2260)High-power BEC boosts receiver power for even the most demanding servos. BEC (2260) installed on TRX-4 ChassisBEC fits inside the extended receiver box for fully waterproof protection. BEC Kit (2262)Kit includes BEC, receiver box lid, Y-harness, and mounting hardware.


The Traxxas High-Torque 600 servo represents a huge power upgrade for TRX-4 and TRX-6. When installing this servo, it is required that you use the high-power BEC kit 2262. Installing the BEC is easy with plug and play simplicity. The kit includes a larger receiver box cover to maintain total waterproof integrity and a Y harness for vehicles with LED light kits.



Waterproof Not “Water Resistant”
Traxxas knows the difference between “water resistant” and waterproof. Traxxas High-Torque servos are completely waterproof to give you the freedom to run when you want, where you want. Power through streams and bogs without fear while trucks with “water resistant” servos are stuck on the sidelines.


  • Easy drop-in installation into most Traxxas 1/10 and 1/8 models
  • Fully waterproof, not “water resistant”
  • Compatible with Traxxas Stability Management® (TSM)
  • 580 oz-in torque and 0.13 sec/60° at 6.0 volts
  • 705 oz-in torque and 0.09 sec/60° at 7.4 volts
  • Full steel gears
  • Full ball bearings
  • Brushless motor technology
  • Finned aluminum case


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