Flying Field Opening

Currently we are working on getting a flying field open to use closer than 40 min drive. this will be a big help with getting an organized event set up.


Ducted Fan Flying

We are also working on new and creative ways to advance the world of ducted fans.  We have learned a lot about the tuning of fans to make them perform better and will be able to make truly High Output fan system that will work well for the applications.  We have successfully had the 1200 watt marker passed with 64mm fans making 4lbs of thrust an are looking forward to the next jet project with them.


Your AMAZING Hobby!

If you have any questions about our current projects or want us to look into something that has been making you wonder let us know.


Contact US 🙂

Our aim is to give you the best R/C hobby experience you’ve ever had.  We can work together to make your experience AMAZING!